Gabrielle McKee
Associate professor of Biological Sciences
Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin


Enhancing Activity and Mobility in the Community for Healthy Ageing

With the goal of stimulating active ageing and mobility among older adults, MOVAGE-ACT will develop and implement educational and informative activities that target behavioural change. The project is designed to enable older adults to obtain new knowledge and skills on how manage their physical activity, to help combat the onset of chronic disease and to prevent a decline to dependency. Citizens will be empowered not only to live longer, but also to live well.

About this activity

MOVAGE-ACT will engage older people across Ireland and France in a series of health-oriented, community-based events and activities to promote active and healthy ageing. This project is built on the understanding that mobilisation and social engagement help to maintain physical, emotional and mental health. The focus of this project is the promotion of healthy physical activity and mobility among older adults. Drawing on expertise of E-Seniors and Age & Opportunity, the programme will involve older people living in France and Ireland in events that celebrate the benefits of active ageing and educate people in how to achieve it. Project organisers will engage with each other, electronically, as a community of practice, contributing to, and learning from these events. As such, they will build a community of healthy and active ageing.

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